Past Events

World Hunger Day events at Mercato Metropolitano



We are excited to announce various events at incredible London dining space Mercato Metropolitano.


20 May 2018

Daytime: Learn about World Hunger Day, the campaign launched by The Hunger Project in 2011, and how we are working in partnership to end hunger by 2030

Events include:

Workshop from Senegalese chefs on dishes from food campaign, A Day in Her Food – a challenge to empower women to end hunger in their communities

Beautiful African robes for sale

Lucky dip

**daytime events are free to join**


Evening: Senegalese supperclub – delicious cuisine from one of the countries where The Hunger Project works

**tickets for supperclub on sale soon. For more info contact [email protected]**

Mercato Metropolitano – 42 Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6DR