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The Rethinking What’s Possible Workshop

Free leadership workshop

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We will be holding a series of two-hour experiences, which bring the village classroom to you, enabling you to receive leadership lessons from our courageous women and men partners who are ending their own hunger, and creating a learning environment which is as powerful as it is profound.

The original launch event workshop was delivered by internationally acclaimed speaker and educator, Dr Joanna Martin, who is a committed investor and advocate for The Hunger Project’s work in empowering people to end their own hunger. Check out photos from the event.  We are very fortunate that Joanna and our other workshop leaders make themselves available to lead our workshops.

We will share the insights of our village partners and show you how others are:

  • Achieving more than they thought they were capable of
  • Transforming their lives and their communities
  • Catalysing positive change in the world.

We believe that the most outstanding examples of courageous and effective leadership producing transformational outcomes today are happening in the remote, rural villages where The Hunger Project works.

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About The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project is the world’s largest leadership and training organisation working throughout Africa, South Asia, and Latin America, committed to empowering people to end their own hunger.

Working in more than 17,000 communities and impacting 19.6 million people, The Hunger Project has developed a unique and highly strategic approach to leadership.

Whether you live in a rural village in India, or major city in the UK, there is a leader inside of everyone who is capable of the most profound transformations, be it in family, organisation or the world.

The Rethinking What’s Possible workshop gives you the opportunity to see how questioning your own beliefs can result in extraordinary outcomes. Join us and lift the lid off being extraordinary.

Further information on Rethinking What’s Possible

Dr Joanna Martin


We’d like to thank Dr Joanna Martin, who has been supporting the UK team in launching and developing our Rethinking What’s Possible events.

Internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator, Dr Joanna Martin is a committed supporter of The Hunger Project.

Joanna has direct experience of our programme work, has been instrumental in designing this exclusive workshop in Australia and the United States and is giving her time freely to support the growth of Rethinking What’s Possible in the UK.




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