A Day in Her Food

Can you live 3 days “in the food” of women living in chronic hunger, to empower others to end hunger in their communities?

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A Day in Her Food is an experiential food challenge campaign from The Hunger Project.


Can you live “in the food” of our women partners, women who are living in chronic hunger in Senegal, Bangladesh and Peru?

A food challenge can be a great way for us to try to understand, to a small extent, what life might be like for the women we support.

Challengers follow recipes from women, share their experiences, and fundraise to support our work empowering women to end hunger for good in their communities.

60% of the world’s hungry are women and girls. But women and girls are the key to ending hunger. When a woman is unleashed, empowered and supported, everyone benefits: communities become more resilient, families are healthier, more children go to school, incomes increase, and agricultural productivity improves.

Take on the challenge

• Choose three days

Choose three consecutive days and on each day follow the recipes of women from Peru, Senegal and Bangladesh.

• Set up your fundraising page 


Share your link with friends and family to support you on your challenge.

• Read your menus and find your ingredients

They represent an example of what a woman living in hunger in one of these three countries might have and all contain ingredients that you should be able to find wherever you are.

• Get cooking and spread the word!

Document your challenge on social media, sharing pictures of your meals and experiences with the hashtag #ADayinHerFood

The Menus

Follow the beans and rice based menu of a woman from Senegal. Menu Here

Lentils, rice and chillis make up the menu of a woman in Bangladesh. Menu Here



Wheat, corn and potatoes feature in the daily menu of a woman in Peru. Menu Here

Everything You Need to Know

Download the Everything You Need to Know pack, HERE





Your Money Changes Lives



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