World Food Day and World Poverty Day

16th-17th October 2020

October 16th and 17th are the annual World Food Day and World Poverty Day

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Join The Hunger Project and businesses, organisations and individuals around the world on these two days to unite people in solidarity with the 850 million people at risk of poverty because of COVID-19 (source: UN).

Hunger and poverty are not just about food. They are inextricably linked to a nexus of issues including: decent work opportunities, health, education, social justice, the rights of women and girls, the environment and climate change.

The facts

•  690 million people in our global family live in chronic hunger

•  60% of the world’s hungry are women

•  850 million people are at risk of poverty because of COVID-19

On World Food Day and World Poverty Day we are highlighting the effects of COVID-19 on those living in hunger and the economic impact of the pandemic, reversing decades of progress on poverty.

“Although the novel coronavirus affects every person and community, it does not do so equally. Instead, it has exposed and exacerbated existing inequalities and injustices.” – UN


What’s the solution?

A sustainable, empowerment-led, women-focussed approach.

At The Hunger Project we work to empower people living in hunger to become agents of change, lifting their communities above the poverty line, for good.

We work in 13 countries, reaching 16 million people. Our sustainable approach means that our COVID-19 response so far includes:

•  4000 Tippy Tap pedal-powered handwashing stations installed in villages so families have access to sanitation (many more still needed. One Tippy Tap costs same price as a cup of coffee)
•  9400 people joining water, sanitation and hygiene workshops
•  Young women and girls empowered to protect their community through vocational training in making masks and hand sanitizer
•  Agroecology initiatives so families can grow their own crops and be self-sufficient
•  8000+ women equipped with vital information and knowledge so they can be leaders in keeping their communities safe

This World Food Day and World Poverty Day we invite you to take action and join our grassroots campaign.

Your support helps empower people to end hunger in their communities once and for all.


What you can do

• GIVE NOW invest in a sustainable empowerment approach that is ending poverty around the world.

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    What sustainable solutions your gift can support

    £25 could support a community planting trees, which reduce soil erosion and provide sources of food, energy and income

    £50 could support one female entrepreneur with a microfinance loan and training so she can start a small business to support her family

    £100 could support a group of women to start an income-generating project, like a poultry farm so they can provide for their families


    Thank you for your partnership in the end of poverty this World Food Day and World Poverty Day

    – The Hunger Project

    Razia, Bangladesh

    “Every woman should be skilled and economically self-reliant… Otherwise, the problems of women could never be solved…”

    Rita, Ghana

    “I worked with the teachers, sensitising the school children on the effects and the harms teenage pregnancy can do to them.”

    Rejeya, Bangladesh

    “Now I do not pass the night without food and my other family members can eat full meals at night.”

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