World Food Day 2011

October 16 is World Food Day, a day to draw the world’s attention to the stark reality that almost one billion women, men and children, one-seventh of our global population, are undernourished. According to the World Bank the past year has been a disaster with rising food costs pushing an additional 70 million people into extreme poverty.

World Food Day also serves to shine a spotlight on the solutions to ending hunger, which can and should be scaled up. Hunger is not inevitable. People can and do end their own hunger, especially when their communities are mobilised, effective partnerships are forged with local governments and women are empowered.

Woman Food Farmer - The Hunger Project - UgandaThe Hunger Project’s (THP’s) grassroots partners in Africa have proven that this is true. They have ensured their own food security, even in Ethiopia and Uganda where escalating food prices have been exacerbated by the incredible drought across the Horn of Africa.

Our communities are becoming self-reliant and resilient. Our methods are clearly working but by their very nature, they require sustained funding over the medium and long term.

World leaders need to honour their commitments, channel their financial resources into programmes that support and empower small-scale farmers, such as Delma Jean, a grassroots partner with THP in Burkina Faso.

Using THP’s holistic development approach Delma has more than tripled the amount of maize he can produce for each hectare of land. Today he has grain attics to store his harvest and his family is well nourished. For the first time he has a surplus crop which he is able to sell allowing him to support the family, improve their living conditions and send his children to school.

Ethiopia | Potato storage building at Jaldu EpicentreWhen the global community invests in people like Delma, we will witness phenomenal results on a wide scale.

Regular giving helps us build long term solutions. Invest today and empower rural communities to end their own hunger tomorrow.


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