World Malaria Day – April 25, 2011

Malaria claims  790,000 people each year, 90% in Africa | £30 could provide antimalarial bednets to five families in Malawi | With your help we are changing things | GIVE NOW

World Malaria Day Logo 2011

World Malaria Day 2011 is a time for examining the progress made towards malaria control and elimination and to renew efforts towards achieving the target of zero malaria deaths by 2015 as one of the key Millennium Development Goals.

The Hunger Project is playing its part in realising this goal. The huge increase in support for malaria control interventions in recent years is working and there has been a reduction in the death rate; where once over a million people globally died of the disease annually, the figure is now closer to 790,000.

This is progress, but so much work remains to be done and this year everyone in the malaria community is discussing the issues that remain in the fight against malaria.

Epicentre health centre with bed netsThe Hunger Project works in rural communities in twelve countries and malaria remains an obstacle to development in every single country where we operate. Learn More |  Bangladesh, BeninBurkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Peru, Senegal and Uganda. Wherever we work, our health programmes target malaria eradication and education. Across our epicentres we have already distributed more than 24,000 bednets.

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The Hunger Project is in a unique position to make a difference. Our successful programmes in Africa have provided us with access to government, partnership with leading organisations, the critically missing rural infrastructure, and, most importantly, the courageous grassroots-level leadership willing and able to confront the issues fueling the spread of the disease.

World Malaria Day logo 2011

Fighting Malaria

A partnership between The Hunger Project-Malawi and UNICEF was established to eradicate malaria by distributing anti-malaria bed nets to many villages has continued. The Hunger Project-Malawi provides our partners in the field loans to buy and sell bed nets at a very low price in an effort to dramatically reduce the incidence of malaria in as many villages as possible.

The Hunger Project-Uganda recently partnered with AFFORD in Uganda and received 3,000 treated anti-malarial bednets for partners in Mpigi Epicentre. In the fight against malaria, Hunger Project animators are enrolled as community drug distributors who are trained by the government and given malaria drugs to distribute. Detailed records are kept of which partners have received nets and accessed malaria treatment drugs.

World Malaria Day Posters at Nsuta Health Centre in GhanaIn 2010, 11,297 people were treated in 23 epicentre clinics at The Hunger Project-Ghana, 47 percent of which were cases of malaria. Additionally, educational campaigns on environmental sanitation were carried out to reduce the incidence of malaria in the partner communities.

At The Hunger Project-Ethiopia , the Jaldu Water Supply Project which serves ten villages is making an impact in eradicating malaria. This project was undertaken in 2008-09 in partnership with Rotary International, and provides safe drinking water to 6,000 community members in Jaldu Epicentre. Within several months of completion of the project, villagers shared with staff that access to clean, sufficient water had stopped malaria cases that occurred because the spring where they used to get water was infested with insects.

How You Can Participate

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