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Youth Empowerment in Benin

The Hunger Project-Benin has spearheaded a number of initiatives to help educate youth and  improve nutrition within their communities. Many young children are enrolled in nursery school, while older children can improve their technological skills through training workshops. Advances are also being made in detecting and treating malnutrition in young children.


The Hunger Project-Benin conducts trainings and awareness-raising sessions on Information and Communication Technologies (ITC), reaching a total of 348 youth partners in 2014. These trainings contribute to personal development of youth. Training focuses on providing participants with basic computer knowledge and tips for navigating the internet to find useful information.

During 2014, The Hunger Project-Benin also facilitated the registration of 319 children, 157 of whom were girls, at the preschools of Gohomey, Gbégourou, Dékpo, Klouékanmè and Akpadanou epicentres.

Health and Nutrition

In the last year, The Hunger Project-Benin has made significant strides towards reducing the prevalence of malnutrition in young children. They have collaborated with the Centers for Social Promotion (CPS) in order to organise training sessions for community representatives in Avlamè, Klouékanmè and Kissamey epicentres. These training sessions sought to build capacity on testing techniques for malnutrition among infants. In these trainings, they teach how to measure a child’s mid-upper arm circumference in order to assess potential cases of malnutrition. The 60 partners who completed this training during 2014 put their new skills to the test by conducting a surveillance exercise with the objective of identifying malnutrition cases and referring them to health centers for treatment. The testing campaign was a huge success; more than 5,000 children in 29 villages were tested. During the campaign, community representatives identified nearly 200 children who were suffering from chronic or acute malnutrition; these cases were referred to local health centers for care.

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