From Volunteer To Government Worker:

Augustine Devotes His Time Raising HIV/AIDS Awareness

Meet Augustine Nortu, he’s a young man from the Luhuor community in Matsekope Epicentre and joined The Hunger Project family in 2007.

He started applying the Vision, Commitment and Action (VCA) principles that he was taught to his own life. When it was announced that volunteers were needed for training in HIV/AIDS animation, he accepted the challenge and put himself forward to represent his community.

Community in Ghana putting on an HIV/AIDS awareness sketchAfter the training, Augustine started organising HIV/AIDS educational sessions in his community and in the process gained three members of the community to volunteer and assist him. His passion and dedication to his community’s improvement made him organise and train some children, and adults, to stage dramas and sketches based on the education and behavioural change messages they wanted to convey. Augustine and his team’s activities got more community members interested in The Hunger Project and soon, other communities and schools started joining them to participate in educational drama and sketches.

As a result of the effectiveness of their activities, the Ghana Health Service took interest and partnered with the community nurses on several occasions to gain a full understanding on HIV/AIDS, nutrition, malaria eradication and the distribution of treated bed nets.

Due to Augustine’s hard work, he was selected and trained as  Health Assistant and put on the government payroll. He now works at the Kasseh Clinic in addition to his community education programmes. He also serves as the Secretary of the Matsekope Epicentre Executive Committee.

Participants in World AIDS Day

When interviewed, Augustine said: “I never expected to be in a position where I could access these opportunities which have enabled me to become confident, repected and most importantly a well known health worker in my community. The Hunger Project made it possible.” He added, “The boys who volunteered to help me are doing really well too and I feel happy because I know they will be transformed too, all due to The Hunger Project’s wonderful programmes.”

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