Malawi Report – May 2013

Update on activities and progress across The Hunger Project’s Epicentre communities in Malawi.


Malawian partner of The Hunger ProjectIn August 2012, The Hunger Project in Malawi conducted an Outcome Evaluation Pilot Project (OEPP) in five of its current Epicentres. This project introduced both new outcome indicators and a new method of data collection: iForm builder softwards on iPod Touch devices.

This pilot project represents a milestone in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for all of The Hunger Project’s programmes in Africa, as its leassons learned will be integreated into Epicentre-level outcome evaluations in 2013. We have heavily invested in completing the report for this project so that it can be used as a kind of foundation for all projects of its kind.

Additionally, The Hunger Project hosted a national launch of the “16 Days of Activism” campaign, aimed at ending gender-based violence. This event brought different institutions and people together to accomplish a shared goal.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation: The primary goal of Outcome Evaluation Pilot Project (OEPP) was to further develop the tools needs to accurately and systematically measure direct and/or indirect outcomes of the Epicentre Strategy at household and community levels.

During Q3 of 2012, our Malawian staff field-tested the outcome indicators as well as a newly developed and standardised set of data collection tools (Household Survey, Key Informant Interviews, Focus Group Discussions.) In total a thousand households were surveyed across 10 Epicentres.

  • Microfinance: Champiti and Ligowe Epicentres had their rural banks recognised and certified by the Malawian government. The institutional structure is necessary to ensure the sustainability of the rural bank…

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