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THP México Awarded Premio Compartir

The Hunger Project-México has been awarded the 25th annual Premio Compartir (Share Prize) in the Category of Community Development Institutions.

The Hunger Project Mexico Ending Hunger for Indigenous Communities_2There are five Premios Compartir given annually to Mexican institutions and individuals, in recognition of exemplary contributions made on behalf of others. In addition to acting as a means to share the innovative methods employed to solve specific social challenges, each organisation is awarded an amount of $250,000 M.N. (£130,000) to support the development of programmes.

In receiving the award, Premios Compartir is recognising The Hunger Project-México’s commitment to facilitating the necessary processes for the communities with whom they work to ‘overcome poverty on their own, and better their living conditions through responsible and sustainable ways, respecting local cultures and traditions.’

Mexico THP Hunger Project Premio Compartir AwardAwards are given based on the social impact the programmes have achieved, highlighting sustainability as a key factor in alleviating social challenges.

The Hunger Project is committed to long-term, bottom-up empowerment strategies that enable women and men to end their own hunger. We have been working in Mexico since 1983 and are currently located in four states. The prize awarding ceremony will take place September 2013 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mexico faces high levels of poverty in rural areas and states with large indigenous populations. Within the estimated 25.2 million people in rural Mexico, 51 percent live in poverty and 18 percent live in extreme poverty.

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