Ambassadors and Volunteer of the Month | The Hunger Project UK

The Hunger Project Ambassadors

Diane Fresquez – Ambassador PR, Communications and Events – ambassador profile below
Fionnuala Walravens – Ambassador Advocacy
Gamiel Yafai – Ambassador Communities
Nicki Carter – Ambassador Education
Jane Haworth – Ambassador Arts
Bryony Wells – Ambassador Events
Chaitanya Iyengar – Ambassador Online Reputation
Miranda Leslau – Ambassador PR
Ekaterina Mitiaev – Ambassador Knowledge 
Lisa Moore – Ambassador PR

We appreciate every supporter’s contribution to our cause. The following individuals, our Ambassadors, have made exceptional gifts of time and resources to the The Hunger Project and we wish to express our appreciation to each and every one of them.


Ambassador profile: Diane Fresquez


Diane Fresquez is an American journalist (former Wall Street Journal special correspondent) living in Brussels. ShDiane Fresqueze is a regular contributor to Zester Daily, an award-winning online destination for food, wine and travel enthusiasts. Zester’s mission is to promote spirited, intelligent dialogue about what we eat and drink–a critical step toward establishing a more healthful, environmentally sustainable and just food culture.  She is also the author of “A Taste of Molecules: In Search of the Secrets of Flavour,” published by the Feminist Press in the US (2013), and in Australia (2016) as “The Taste of Home.” Diane has helped with PR and communications for The Hunger Project UK’s high profile events and campaigns and is working on future projects that involve promoting the organisation’s work with the incredibly nutritious Moringa plant.



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