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The end of hunger is a big task, but our community continually challenge themselves to go beyond what they thought was possible to support the end of hunger, and feel empowered at the same time!

From food challenges, to sports events, city mud runs, and World Hunger Day, get involved today.

Sports Challenges

Walk the stunning Jurassic Coast, run in the Cotswolds – challenge yourself and support our work

Food Challenges

Live Below the Line, A Day in Her Food, and more. We’re using food in interesting ways to raise funds for our work ending hunger

Fundraising Ideas

From walks to bake sales, there are so many things you can do to fundraise for The Hunger Project

World Hunger Day

Join us every May 28th on the global campaign to celebrate sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty

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Elisabeth Obubuafo, Ghana

    Elisabeth is making the impossible possible. Elisabeth Obubuafo is a shining example of an empowered woman, running multiple businesses, sending her children to school and providing food for her community. It was not always this way....


A BIG THANK YOU to all our challengers that have raised vital funds this year stretching themselves to the limit for The Hunger Project. Thank you to our individual challengers: Orunga and team, Simon and Dan, Steve, Sandy, Caritta, Gale, Nita, Jeff, Christina &...

The Hunger Project’s 2014 Annual Global Report Now Available

01 October, 2015
We sustained and grew our vibrant movement of people who know the end of chronic hunger and abject poverty is possible – and that each of us can do something to make it happen >> Read More

The Hunger Project Launches the Movement for Community-Led Development with 18 Leading Organisations

The Hunger Project held a launch event at the UN  for the Movement for Community-Led Development, calling for a process that empowers citizens at the local level. The event was co-hosted by the Government of the Philippines and featured experts from the field. More...

History Is Made with the Adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals

On Friday 25th September, history was made. During the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), heads of state from 193 countries adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — 17 goals to end hunger and poverty, protect the planet and ensure...

The Hunger Project responds to Covid-19 in Africa, South Asia and Latin America

**This page is regularly updated with new information from our Coronavirus Response Watch a special COVID-19 response video message from our global communities: There is No Lockdown on Hope  The Hunger Project’s programmatic response to the...

Country Director of The Hunger Project UK update

We are sad to announce that Sophie Noonan is stepping down from her role as Country Director of The Hunger Project-UK after more than six years. Sophie was instrumental to our fundraising growth and organisational development over this time.  Sophie...

Irene Sarah an inspirational teacher and farmer during Covid-19

Irene Sarah is a teacher living in Uganda. As soon as Irene Sarah receives her paycheck, the first thing she does is put aside money for food.  “Being a teacher you have to wait for the salary. You have to stock maize, maize flour, beans…because you...

Fabergé supports The Hunger Project Covid-19 Appeal

The Hunger Project UK is delighted to have the support of renowned jewellery brand, Fabergé for our Covid-19 Appeal. Until the end of August, 50% of the purchase price of a selection of Fabergé’s jewellery pieces will be donated to The Hunger...

Leadership and resilience in action: our partners leading the response

Your support and investment has enabled our local volunteer leaders to quickly mobilise their communities and respond to COVID-19 with ingenuity and strength. Instead of waiting for help to come from outside sources, they adopted a leader mindset...

Spice Kits that support The Hunger Project

🌶 Meet Kulawa Spices, created and run by a group of entrepreneurial graduates. They’ve been supporting The Hunger Project through the sale of their original, high-quality fusion spice blend gift sets. Kulawa Spices is committed to bringing awareness...

World Hunger Day 2020

🌿May 28th 2020 is the 10th Annual World Hunger Day🌿 World Hunger Day was created by The Hunger Project to bring awareness to the more than 820 million people living in chronic hunger during an unprecedented global crisis. 💡The facts 💡 • 820 million...

COVID-19 resilient communities: addressing food security in Africa, Asia and Latin America

At The Hunger Project, our work is focused on the people living in persistent, chronic hunger—not in addressing emergency acute hunger, often referred to as famine. However, the lines between the two types of hunger are often blurry—many of the...

Ophelia is a nurse helping to extended the epicentre’s health outreach

Ophelia lives in Asenema, Ghana, where she works at the health centre. The work can be challenging but Ophelia enjoys her job as a nurse, especially as it allows her to create a a connection with members of her community. The number of clinic...

Grace took a microfinance bank loan, now her business is booming

Grace is a businesswoman living with her husband and six children in Asenema, Ghana. Since taking a microfinance loan, Grace has been able to build her business, which has gone from strength to strength and given her financial independence. Grace...

Photography credits: World Hunger Day – Johannes Ode