We work in 8 countries in Africa, empowering communities to end hunger.

Ending hunger through the Epicentre Strategy

In eight countries of Africa, our Epicentre Strategy mobilizes clusters of rural villages into “epicentres,” which band together 5,000-15,000 people to create a dynamic centre where communities are mobilized for action to meet their basic needs.

The Epicentre Strategy is an integrated approach that was created in Africa, by Africans, and over the past 20 years has mobilised 122 epicentre communities, reaching 1.6 million people in eight countries across the continent.

This strategy is designed to partner with communities over a period of about eight years after which they graduate to a phase of “sustainable self-reliance,” which means that communities have demonstrated the confidence, capacity and skills to act as agents of their own development, and The Hunger Project begins its exit strategy.

31 of our epicentre communities in Africa have declared their self-reliance. That’s over 500,000 people!

Check out satellite views of our epicentre sites in Africa. See them here:

Read more about the countries in Africa where we are empowering people to end hunger for themselves and their communities.


The Hunger Project–Benin is comprised of 18 epicentres, that’s 311,073 people

Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso almost 50% of the population is living on less than £1 a day


The Hunger Project–Ethiopia works with people in 195 villages


In Ghana less than half of all women have received secondary education


The Hunger Project-Malawi is currently empowering community partners in 12 epicentre areas


46% of Mozambique’s population are living below the international poverty line of £1 a day


Senegal was the first African country where The Hunger Project began its work


A fifth of all Ugandans still lack access to clean water and live below the poverty line

Guiré Salimata, Burkina Faso

Today, Guiré Salimata finds herself busy running a successful restaurant and providing for her five children. In 2013, before Guiré began participating in the Boulkon Epicentre Microfinance Programme with The Hunger Project-Burkina Faso, her...

Awa Ndiaye, Senegal

    Awa Ndiaye is 37 years old. She lives with her husband (a construction worker), his three daughters (thirteen, nine and three years) and her five-year-old son. Mrs Ndiaye joined the The Hunger Project’s Microfinance Programme (MFP) in...

Fátima Filimonecossa, Mozambique

Fátima Filimonecossa, is 55-years-old, married and the mother of three sons. She was born in Gaza Province and she lives live in Zuza village with her family. She is a student in adult literacy in a class of 32 students (29 women and three men)....

Dina Amartey, Ghana

Since joining The Hunger Project’s Women’s Empowerment Program and becoming a trained animator in Ghana, Dina has expanded her farm, started a new business and has positively affected the lives of women in her community. My name is Dina Amartey; I...

Elisabeth Obubuafo, Ghana

    Elisabeth is making the impossible possible. Elisabeth Obubuafo is a shining example of an empowered woman, running multiple businesses, sending her children to school and providing food for her community. It was not always this way....

Madame Djalla Brigitte, Benin

    Madame Djalla Brigitte’s story of community leadership is inspiring. She is 37 years old, married and mother to one girl. She lives in Kissamey, in the Aplahoué community in Benin. Prior to her participation with The Hunger Project,...

Elizabeth Kalimbuka, Malawi

My name is Elizabeth Kalimbuka, and I am a widow of Pangilesi partner village, born on the 16th of July, 1963. I tested HIV-positive in 2004, and I am a member of Ambuye Tiyang'aniren community-based organisation (CBO) founded in 2005, in Nchalo...

Derare Hirpha, Ethiopia

Derare Hirpha, a 37-year-old married mother of six, is a Jaldu Epicentre committee member and secretary of the management committee of the SACCO (the name of the Rural Bank established by our Microfinance Programme). "I lost my mother when I was six...

David Tetteh, Ghana

David Tetteh, 45, is a farmer and resident of Abourso in the Dominase Epicentre in Ghana. He became involved with The Hunger Project in 2008 after a Community Animator, Felix Narh, organised a Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop in the community....

Sehari Ledi, Ethiopia

Mrs. Sehari Ledi is a member of Enemore Epicentre (near Welkite - Gurage Zone, Ethiopia). She is 43 years old and has six children. Her main source of income is small farming and some petty trade. According to Sehari, her family has benefited highly...

Photography credits: Banner image, Benin, Ethiopia, Senegal – Johannes Ode.  Mozambique – Ivan Barros